Hog Roast Aberdare

aberdareWe are hog roast caterers in and around Aberdare. We do hog roast hire Aberdare for those who want to do it themselves, where you can hire a machine from us. We get a lot of hog roast hire Aberdare clients who need a hog roast machine for private parties. We also get gastro pubs and bars that hire the machines to use as part of a themed night. We also provide hog roast Aberdare, where we offer a catering service complete with serviettes, decorations (including balloons) and bread rolls. All our hog roasts come with crackling and applesauce, and we use spices to bring out their taste. So, whether you’re interested in hog roast Aberdare or alternatively if you’re looking for hog roast Aberdare, you won’t be disappointed.

Catering around Aberdare is always an interesting experience because I get to chat to lots of different people. You meet a lot of nice, friendly people in this line of work. The catering industry has always been competitive so we adhere to high standards all the time at hog roast Aberdare. It’s a business we built from the ground up and we take pride not only in delivering delicious food, but also in providing excellent customer service. I’ve catered for engagement parties and had the couple then decide they wanted us to cater their wedding as well. That’s mostly thanks to the kitchen staff for making great tasting hog roasts, but I think it has something to do with our customer service as well.

Leaders in Our Field

We cater for any and every event, though obviously there are some that we find ourselves doing more than others – birthdays, weddings and corporate events, for example. We usually get more private clients than corporate or public sector clients, but I’ve catered for a good number of such events, too.

Yesterday we were catering for a corporate event in a hotel in Aberdare. We had just dropped off a hog roast machine for a birthday party in a village near Aberdare a short while ago, but we’d managed to get to the hotel in good time. I was putting up the balloons in the company colours while one of my team, Mike, set out the serviettes and cutlery. Then he and Shannon went outside, and came back into the hotel room wheeling a hog roast machine in front of them. I watched as they plugged it in, unwrapped the hog roast and then secured the hog roast inside the machine. It began to turn and its warmth permeated the room, carrying the delicious scent of the roast over to me. We were finished setting up the room long before the guests showed up. When the guests did arrive and we’d showed them to their eats and poured them drinks, someone from the company made a speech about what a good thing the reorganization of the company was, and what a great year 2012 had been for the company. My favourite part of catering is carving the roast (because everyone watches and I make a bit of a show of it) and serving the roast (because I see people enjoying the food my team spent hours preparing). Food is an art. It really is. I told this to an art student a couple of days ago, and he agreed with me.

Aberdare is a town with a couple of villages and two rivers nearby. It has an industrial past, and was a centre for coal mining. It has been considered a cultural hotspot in the Victorian era, and hosted the first National Eisteddfod. There are a few churches and chapels in the town and a statue of a famous Victorian conductor. Aberdare has an annual carnival and a cinema and theatre nearby. It’s not a large or very busy town, but it’s not too small either. There’s plenty to do without it being too crowded and noisy.