Welcome to the Spitting Pig Frequently Asked Questions page, if you have any questions about what we do please take a look at the FAQ’s below to see if your question has already been answered before getting in touch. At Spitting Pig we understand how important it is to get as much information as possible to potential clients so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not hog roasting is right for you and just what it is you’ll be getting with our services. But often having as many services as we do can be a little confusing and some visitors might get lost in the text, or even not have the time to read through every page and word that’s written on Spitting Pig Wales – We’ve created a Frequently Asked Questions page for that reason. To save you the trouble of contacting us with some of your questions we’re trying to create a database of common questions that we receive. A quick page and summary of what we do and don’t do, to save you a little time and explain what we’re about in a short and precise manner.

When we’ve ran website surveys in the past we’ve found that many of those who weren’t sure about Spitting Pig were so because they misunderstood some of our services, the capabilities we have as a company in regards to catering and hiring. Many people for example believed that we didn’t offer a vegetarian alternative, and in fact we do. So with this FAQ page we hope to clear up some common questions and equally some common misconceptions or inaccuracies people have about Spitting Pig and spit roasting itself. When you’ve taken a look at our Frequently Asked Questions you should better know what we can do for you and your guests. So please, if you have a quick read through some of the frequent questions we receive and our responses to them you should be a little clearer on what it is we can do and be in a better position to make a decision on whether hog roasting and Spitting Pig are the right choice for you.

We can’t answer every question as there are far too many, but we hope that for 99 percent of you reading this that your question(s) has been answered. Don’t worry if it hasn’t as there’s always someone about at Spitting Pig to answer the more unique and personal questions that our website visitors might have about the Spitting Pig services we provide in Wales. If you’re still none the wiser after reading our Frequently Asked Questions you can Email or phone us directly with your question or questions. We’re often contacted by people who are interested in our services and receive a lot of curious phone calls, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a quick call.

Q – What makes hog roasting so much better than the rest?

A – Spit roasting is undoubtedly one of the better ways to cater and we believe it’s the best. There’s 2 reasons for this, most importantly is that the food you can create with hog roasting is nothing short of excellent. When you spit roast a whole animal it cooks ever so slowly over a good number of hours and the machine continues to rotate the meat so that all the natural juices are effectively locked into the meat and none of it is lost. Hog roasting also out classes traditional cooking methods by creating genuine interest and a sense of grandeur. There’s nothing quite as theatrical as seeing a row of hog roast machines cooking in tandem several whole animals.

Q – It sounds really good but what are your prices like compared to traditional catering?

A – Somewhat surprisingly, given our great quality of service, is just how low in price our catering is. It’s genuinely good value and people are often taken aback by how cheap our catering is. Because hog roasting is a rather simple process we only need the bare minimum in regards to chefs cooking the food. Not only that, but as spit roasting usually revolves around – excuse the pun – cooking whole animals, we’re able to save a lot on produce, which means we can price our services much cheaper than our competitors.

Q – Do I need qualifications or a business to use the machine myself?

A – Absolutely not. One of the beauties of hog roasting is in just how simple the cooking method is. If you’re spit roasting with one of our machines you can almost think of it like a rather large, much superior slow cooker, in that once you’ve spit your animal and started up the machine you can be pretty liberal and leave it to its own accords, so to speak. Skewering an animal and turning our machines on is very simple indeed, and despite being easy enough to work out we will send down a trained chef when we deliver the machine to you, who will give you a quick demonstration on how the machine works, as well as tips and general guidelines on length of cooking in relation to size and weight of what you’re cooking. No need to worry if you forget some of the information as we’re only a phone call away and always eager to help.

Q – What’s the difference between a hog roast and a spit roast?

A – The difference is in what’s being cooked. Spit Roasting is the cooking method of skewering whole animals and large cuts of meat and then cooking them over flames or in an oven. A hog roast is simply a spit roasted pig. There are “chicken roasts” and “lamb roasts” but they’re not as popular and for whatever reason don’t have their own names.

Q – Hiring a machine interests me but I don’t know much about pigs, could you help me pick one?

A – We can. In fact, not only can we help you in sourcing a decent pig but if it’s easier for you we can cut out the ‘middle man’ all together and provide you a fresh pig with the machine! If you aren’t too confident in determining what and what isn’t a good quality hog, or what and what isn’t a good price we’ll happily provide you one of ours for a small cost. We source only the best produce for our catering and have plenty of farmers and butchers we get our pigs from. Better still, if you buy a pig when hiring a machine our chef can even help you skewer it, saving you any hassle or worry in doing it yourself.

Q – Are you fully covered with health & safety issues?

A – Yes. We have over 20 years experience as professional caterers dealing with the general public, private parties and corporate affairs. All our machines are regularly serviced and all staff fully trained. Our certificates are all available for inspection.

Q – Are you insured for everything that you do and any damage that may be done to our property?

A – Yes we do carry insurance. As professional caterers for over 20 years we pride ourselves in the high standards and training of all our staff. Our insurance certificates are available for inspection.

Q – At what point do we pay the final balance?

A – You have worked hard in all the planning towards this day and now we want to ensure that you can relax and enjoy your event. To this end we ask that the final balance be paid on the morning of the event. This ensures that everything is taken care of and you can ‘let your hair down!’

Q – Will there be someone we can liaise with up to and during the event so that we can ensure a smooth and happy day?

A – Absolutely. Whether your event is a simple buffet or a formal dinner with table service, we understand that the customer needs to feel everything is under control. We work closely with the customer at all times and our aim is to ensure that the event runs smoothly and you enjoy your day.

Q – Will you take all your rubbish etc away with you?

A – Yes. We pride ourselves on our professional service and this includes the vigilance of our highly qualified staff ensuring we leave nothing behind.