Corporate Hospitality

If you have a business meeting or corporate function planned then Spitting Pig Wales is your best option. Not only to have special menu packages designed to meet the needs of this type of event but we also provide the tastiest food and the best staff making your corporate occasion completely stress free.


At this type of event you will want to provide good quality food with unbeatable taste that will not only satisfy but impress your associates. This is exactly what you will get from our menus. Good quality feasts all homemade using the finest welsh produce, prepared and cooked by expertise hands. We never compromise on quality of our products and we don’t cut corners meaning the food that is served is perfection on a plate!

At a corporate function presentation is also a very important factor. Not just presentation of the food but also things like how the table is laid and how the serving staff present themselves. All these things need to be perfect so the overall event leaves a positive impression. We understand the importance of this and pay attention to every last detail. Your food will be expertly presented so that it looks just as good as it tastes. We can provide serving tables, premium china and silverware as well as table cloths and table decorations so that you can create the perfect scene for your meeting to take place. As for our staff they will be presented to our usual high standards and treat you and your guests in a polite professional manner at all times.

Finally we always follow the golden rule of putting the customers needs first and can be flexible to meet your needs whatever the request. We don’t have set working hours so whatever your chosen serving time may be you can rely on us to be there at least six hours before to create your cuisine from scratch. We can also provide any extra services you may need to help your event run as smoothly as possible. Don’t forget we can meet literally any menu requests including alternative options for those with food allergies. We want to make sure everyone gets exactly want they want. Hog roasts are delectable, mouth-watering, yet simple. They look so succulent with their rich brown color and crunchy skin. Roasts are usually very high quality and inexpensive. Hogs are popular and not hard to maintain at all.

A roast has the ability to feed literally a whole army of people. Imagine feeding one hundred twenty people with one hog. It really can be that convenient. There should be no less than fifty people at a function that is serving a roast.

Roasts are now so easy to prepare that there really is no reason to not. With customer service and quality hog roasting items such as ours, all the guesswork and stress will just melt away. There are so many flavor options that you can consider when preparing a roast or having a roast prepared for you. We can supply you with pre-seasoned hogs, or meat that you can season with your own secret blend. You can be inventive when it comes to the use of marinade and spices to put into the roast.

Another pivotal part of a roast is the quality of the machine that you use. We can provide you with the best of the best. You can choose a do-it-yourself method with a hog that is dressed and fitted furnished with your machine. You can obtain larger hogs and different meat options to suit your guest numbers. We are glad to give you a quote online or over the phone so that you know exactly what to expect. Most people are surprised at how reasonable our prices are when it comes to giving you the highest quality possible. Imagine yourself sitting back and relaxing. All of your guests are hovering over you in delight wondering how you were able to pull off such a successful hog roast. They don’t have to know the real secret. Our equipment and supplies make roasting extremely easy. It also frees up a lot of time so that you can prepare and carry out other plans for your events.

If you are not sure, our staff will be glad to take you through the process step by step when it comes to catering at your own event. We will make sure that you are comfortable with the whole process. You can talk to us about your needs so that we can give you the best machine and accessories in order for you to create the best hog roast possible. We want you to have a perfect roast. With the proper machine and accessories, your hog will roast through perfectly with very little effort. A hog roast is meant to be fun not stressful. Our company will make you feel as calm and confident about your roast as possible, while providing you with a wide arrange of supplies and support.

We consider your success and happiness our success and happiness. We are a company that is founded on our customers and highly knowledgeable staff.