Hog Roast Brecon

It is this sense of passion for food that plays the perfect backdrop to hog roasts that are immensely popular with the residents in the town. The clean mountain air, unpolluted rivers and a beautiful countryside is the perfect inspiration for our catering company. We have been doing hog roast Brecon style for years now and yet we have not experienced a moment of boredom in this beautiful town. With our hog roast hire Brecon outfit, we have grown in strength over the years so that now it is stocked with 10 roasting machines. We reproduce the entire food theatre of the traditional hog roast – the people of Brecon take to the drama with zest — with our open fire rotisserie-style roasting. The Welsh like their food uncomplicated but flavourful. So we marinate the hefty pig (the star of the show) with a Mediterranean blend of herbs, lemon and garlic with olive oil and then slow roast it over six hours till the flavours waft around and beckon to the guests.

If we offer locally bred pigs such as Tamworths, Berkshires and Gloucestershire Old Spots for the hog roast, we also take care of the needs of non-pork eaters by supplying alternative meat roasts. Take your pick from our huge range that includes beef, lamb, venison, chicken and turkey. Now, there are dime-a-dozen hog roast providers who you can access with a click of the mouse. But to make it less confusing for you, with our hog roast Brecon services, we promise an experience unlike any other caterer just as no two hog roasts are the same. We do not charge extensively — the very nature of hog roasts that make them well beloved are that they are economical and yet curiously luxurious affairs in terms of the drama and flavour that they afford.

Hog Roast Brecon – Leaders In Our Field

But most importantly, we find that the bread, the condiments and the trimmings can make or break the affair. So our forte is in putting out an array of fresh salads, ciabatta bread rolls and home–made apple sauce to add to the experience. We cater for weddings, christening parties, birthdays, new year parties and any other occasion calling for an alfresco hog roast affair. For hog roast hire Brecon way, we believe in customizing each and every package. As for the quality of meats and vegetables that we offer, trust us on the fact that we bring the best to your table. The brand ‘Wales the True Taste’, promoted by the Welsh government (that is all about the very best food and drink that we have to offer) is our motto too. We are always upfront about your capabilities and to assure you about our hygiene standards, we can let you have a look at our various food handling, food hygiene and public liability insurance certificates.

So if you want money well spent, you want us. Lastly, remember to invite as many guests as you like. The larger the number rustled up, the more economical it is for the host. And, as for the rest, leave the hog to us. An aura of timelessness hangs around the market town of Brecon. Nestled in the Brecon Beacons National Park, the narrow streets of this Mid Wales town are marked by buildings and shop fronts that take you back in time to the Georgian and the Jacobean eras. It is rich with military history — which can be witnessed still at areas like the Captain’s Wall where French prisoners were exercised during the Napoleonic wars. In 1879, during the Battle of Rourke’s Drift at Brecon, 140 British soldiers had to fight more than 4,000 Zulu warriors. Yes, its history is indeed fascinating. And it goes further back to the times when Britain was occupied by the Romans and Brecon was established as a Roman cavalry base. The town retains its military connection now – it is home to two military establishments at its east end. There is so much to do in Brecon. If there are monuments like the Brecon Cathedral and the Christ College founded by Henry VIII, there is much of nature to be admired what with Brecon’s strategic location at the confluence of two rivers, the Usk and the Honddu. Though the thriving market town is known best for its annual Brecon Jazz Festival, it is also acquiring fame for its food festival that takes place every year in October. It is a time when the market hall is chock full of fresh produce from Brecon’s farmers.