Hog Roast Brymbo

BrymboHog roasting was always of great interest to me and I knew that was the type of catering I wanted to be part of, hog roasting is a traditional method of cooking used thousands of years ago and still used today in countries around the world. I think there is something quite humbling watching a whole pig cook but didn’t really want to use a fire and spit! I purchased a few hog roasting machines which gave the effect and same hog roast Brymbo cooking but more economical and without the mess. Also enabling me to use them indoor as well as out door. I started off just on my own and hiring one waitress to help me for that very first order it was for a small gathering and the meat as so easy to cook I also got to show off my other skills producing sauces and side dishes, the guests were all gob smacked at the sight of the pig cooking and I spent the day chatting to the guests about the history of hog roasting! Today I employ a whole fleet of staff as numbers have grown rapidly in the past four years and Hog roast hire Brymbo have just recently catered for two thousand guests at a Christmas function so you could say we have came a long, long way! Surrounded by farm land we are extremely lucky as we have the freshest ingredients on our door step! We have a good relation ship  with the local farmers and they supply us with the freshest pigs all fully prepared, farm reared turkeys, lamb and chickens and the freshest crispest vegetables.

qaWe get everything we need from our farmers and they are always happy to supply us at short notice and we are extremely grateful to their loyalty. Hog roast Brymbo catering love a challenge and are open to suggestions from their customers who can create their own menu for us to cook and we haven’t ever disappointed! You really cannot go wrong with hog roasting you literally put the meat on the machines one whole pig on one an another machine we have special attachments where we cook racks of lamb of poultry at once so there is no shortage of food! We love to see the looks on guests faces when for the first time they taste Hog roast hire Brymbo cooked food, it really is like nothing they have ever tasted before.

Leaders in Our Field

Hog roasting seals the flavours of the meat slowly roasting the meat so it is always tender giving off aromatic aroma’s that has everyone captivated and we are always the main talking point at any event and our pig is always the big attraction. Most people have never experienced hog roasting and are always interested in watching the cooking, which we love and encourage! It really eases any tension that  some times a big wedding can attract as nerves are always on edge hoping that everything runs smooth. When your guests see the cooking it always brings smiles and laughter easing the mood and helping your guests and mainly you the person who organised the event to relax as we ensure you do not have to lift a finger and we want you to chill with your guests as we have everything taken care of and we must just mention that we clear all the mess away! We insist you have fun if you are happy we are too!

set up salads 9I first visited Brymbo on a family holiday as a child and always had fond memories. Brymbo is a very hilly and surrounded by farm land a wonderful place to bring up a family my Father always said! With its vast archaeology and historic buildings it really is a beautiful place! Over two hundred years ago the town relied on coal mining and steel works but like a lot of industry this has completely gone today. When I finished University I had a whole sting of qualifications bags of enthusiasm and determined to make my mark in the catering world! Before I knew it I was in Brymbo and taking my first order at Hog roast Brymbo catering and after four years in business I am extremely proud and can boast my business is a huge success! It really has happened very quickly and some times I have to pinch my self as I am quite taken back at my success. But I must add I would be nothing today without my loyal and dedicated staff.