Hog Roast Connahs Quay

Are you looking to host an event and want something special? Do you want to leave your guests talking about your event for months to come and you can take all the glory! Well look no further give us a try hog roast Connahs Quay catering is number one in catering offering exquisite first class catering at affordable cost. Connahs Quay has a fairly large population there are lots of rumours on how the town got its name and it was changed in the eighteen hundreds as the previous name was similar to another. The town was famous for its fishing port where fishermen would go out with their huge nets catching fish and selling their catch on barrows to town folk all that has now dried up. Today the town has a huge property market making Connahs Quay a very popular choice for house buyers. Hog roast hire Connahs Quay have been up and running for ten years now and we are so busy which is why you need to enquire today to avoid disappointment.

We have employed lots of local staff over the years as unemployment is quite high like most towns at this moment in time we are looking to open another office early next year so recruiting more local staff. A lot of people have not heard of hog roasting and are always fascinated when we tell them what is involved. Hog roast Connahs Quay catering cater for small numbers to thousands of people for any occasion and celebration we work all year around our hog roasting machines can be used anywhere so the venue for us is never a problem. Hog roast hire Connahs Quay will come to you to discuss your requirements at a time that suits you and one of our dedicated friendly sales team will take you step by step through the process the first thing we discuss is the food! And will you be wanting a pig! Most do as an event is never complete without the pig! We also ask if you would like any other meat’s as we have plenty to choose from and we then show you our extensive menu range of side dishes for you to choose from should you wish or you could design your own menu.

Hog Roast Connahs Quay – Leaders In Our Field

Most customers have a budget and we will offer you the best menu we can to suit your budget. Just give us the numbers the date of your event and leave the rest to us. We arrive at your venue long before the party starts we set up and get the meats on the go we set all the tables and prepare all the vegetables ready to cook fresh for your guests. It takes an average of about six hours to cook the pig so we start early, and by the time the guests arrive the pig is near completion but we like to show the guests the pig on the spit as that is part of the fun! Our chefs are trained to the highest standard and are more than qualified and make the cooking look so easy which to be honest with the aid of our machines it is! When the meat is nearly cooked our chefs start cooking the vegetables and side dishes you have ordered we also cook at another cooking area vegetarian dishes you may have requested. When it comes to carving the meat it becomes the main event gathering crowds watching our chefs at work, they carve the meat to perfection making it look like a work of art and all food is arranged beautifully. Our team of waitresses serve each customer and offer our individual meat sauces to accompany the meat.

Our dedicated staff cook every single dish fresh and from scratch. Hog roasting is getting as popular today as it was centuries ago! Of course we have perfected the idea with our specially engineered machinery, which is in itself such a sight to see all made in brushed silver and blending in well at any venue the machines take minutes to set up, clean and pack away. We use only the best machines the UK has to offer and of course the best locally produced produce. Give us a ring and start planning your party sandwich buffet and the standard starter, main and dessert are fast becoming left behind as hog roasting is becoming so popular and is really making its mark in the catering world. When we come to you we also bring the entertainment as the pigs always steal the show!