Hog Roast Haverfordwest

For all your catering needs contact Hog roast Haverfordwest catering for a first class service! A long running family business with years of experience and experts in their field there really is no better company around. And I am so pleased to be founder of Hog roast hire Haverfordwest. For anyone who has never heard of Haverfordwest let me begin by telling you a little about the town. The town has a large population and attracts thousands of tourists a year it is now a huge archaeology site with silver coins first being discovered back in the twenties. Having grown up in Haverfordwest and coming from a catering background it seemed natural for me to follow in my parents footsteps. Hog roast Haverfordwest catering is now going strong after twenty years of business.

We often get asked why hog roasting? And the answer is simply taste! Nothing comes close to meat slowly cooked to absolute perfection and we are proud to be behind Hog roast hire Haverfordwest. When you book us from that first initial call you know you are in safe hands we are more than qualified and there is nothing we don’t know about hog roasting! Firstly we give you a little history lesson explaining how hog roasting was the first method of cooking and how popular hog roasting is still today in certain countries of the world, we explain how with the use of our exquisite specially crafted machines we have brought hog roasting right up to date. We then talk about how many people will attend your event we don’t mind it if is ten or two thousand as with our fleet of chefs and waitresses numbers are no problem! We then show you our beautiful colour brochures showing you our set meals we offer but you don’t have to have any of them you can if you wish make your own menu. And we can even create a menu to suit your purse. We then explain to you how you will receive a twelve month male pig the ideal age for hog roasting, how we will cook the pig to perfection and make the most delicious crackling ever!

Hog Roast Haverfordwest – Leaders In Our Field

Hog Roast HaverfordwestNo other form of cooking can produce perfect crackling and no other form of cooking produces the most mouth watering, flavoursome succulent tenderised meat it truly is delicious! We cannot explain the aroma it is just unbelievable and everyone always comments about this at an event, words just cannot describe it! When we come to you we arrive in plenty of time we bring our huge gazebos and set up shop, our chefs arrange their tables fresh vegetables and other ingredients ready to cook your dishes the machines are set up and the meat is on the go it can take hours for the pig to cook that why we get there early and by time your guests turn up the meat is nearly cooked and we start to cook the side dishes, we always attract huge crowds around our pig and our chefs and this really pleases us we are always ready to answer questions as guests are always really interested in hog roasting.

When the meat is cooked our chefs show off their knife skills they sharpen their knives and carve with such skill it really is fantastic to witness. Each guest then gets individual service plates laden with meat, vegetables and side dishes and gravy like you have never tasted before! We never ever disappoint and we always receive fantastic feedback and so will you! You can guarantee that everyone will be singing your praises for hosting such a spectacular day. After your guests have finished eating our waitresses will clear the tables and any meat left can be packed in special boxes and given to the guests to take home and any meat that is left over on the joints is carved packed and given to the host but to be quite honest very little is ever left as people always want more! Our chefs clean down the machines which takes minutes pack everything away and leave your venue immaculate and rubbish is never left we pride our selves in doing a first class job from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave we guarantee you will not find a better firm than ours we aim to please each ever time and we more than succeed and cannot thank our loyal staff and customer enough for their fantastic support making us what we are today.