Hog Roast Pembroke

The Best Hog Roasts In Pembroke

We arrive with our refrigerated vans, with the chef, staff and armed with the hog roasting spit machine along with a whole lot of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. In our hog roast hire Pembroke menu, we offer you choices of hogs from traditional breeds of the likes of Tamworths, Large Blacks and Old Spots. They are bred by Welsh farmers in Pembroke and from areas around it.

We take time to flame roast the hog over a time span of six hours. It makes way for entertainment and drama as the crackling of the hog and releasing of its flavours is enough to make your guests wait in anticipation of tasting the meat. And when the hog is completely cooked, the meat looks tender and ready to falling off the bone, we invite the guests to dig in. What sets apart our hog roast Pembroke way, is the seasoning. We use a delicious blend of crushed garlic, wine vinegar, black pepper, salt, lemon oil and salt.

But what is a hog roast banquet without some splendid sides. Our chef rustles up the most sinful pasta, baked potatoes on the side, fat wedges of melt-in-the-mouth chips with golden crisp shells, and lovely breads. What however our repeat customers delight in are the traditional Welsh dishes we offer. You can choose from an array of them – from the Welsh rarebit to the traditional speckled bread called bara brith.

In the mean time, if there are guests who faint at the thought of eating pork, we have alternatives to woo them. For vegetarians, we have a variety of veggie kebabs, potato salads, coleslaw, corn on the cob, squash, salmon kebabs. We have a selection of other kinds of meats too that we can spit roast for you. From chicken, lamb and venison to buffalo and turkey, we leave no stones unturned in giving you choices to opt from. No one should have to miss out on the spectacle of a spit roast after all.

Leaders In Our Field

In our hog roast hire Pembroke services, we cater for large number of gatherings – as large as 3000 or as small as 20. But the larger the numbers, the more economical a hog roast hire Pembroke is for you as the host. Do not stress if the guest list is exceeding your estimate. Our prices are reasonable and they are completely customized because no two hog roasts are the same. So do not expect set prices in our menu cards but expect quality once we deliver. Why not give us a call today?

When you come upon the town of Pembroke, you know have reached the portals of a former medieval town. Its history goes back as far as the 11th century when the Norman lord, Roger de Montgomery, built a wooden fortress by the Pembroke River. During the 13th century, however, a mayor of the town was credited with fortifying it further into what is now the Pembroke Castle and securing the small county town in the Pembroke Peninsula with walls. The Pembroke Castle is most famously the birth place of Henry Tudor, the king who founded the dynasty that ruled England and exerted a considerable influence on its history. Though Pembroke was the site of many a battle, it rose to further prominence during the Civil War. In 1977, Pembroke was designated as an Outstanding Conservation Area – the reason comes through when you happen upon its stunning coastline and sandy beaches that draw tourists in droves every summer. Its streets still reflect its medieval history. While houses were rebuilt in stone during the 18th and 19th centuries, the castle, the churches and the houses on Westgate Hill still hark back the traveller to what the town might have looked like in the middle ages. In a town such as Pembroke, laden with history, hog roast hire Pembroke events are much feted affairs. Remember that in the 15th and 16th centuries, the Welsh boasted of a rich culture of particularly fine banquets accompanied by entertainment provided by travelling bards. So, it is fitting that in summers, hog roasts really take off in Pembroke for any kind of occasion ranging from weddings, birthdays and parties to outdoor lunches. Here’s a look at what we offer in terms of hog roast Pembroke-style.