Hog Roast Pontypridd

The Best Hog Roasts in Pontypridd

pontypriddWe are hog roast caters in Pontypridd; we’ve been in business for some time. I always wanted to start my own catering business after working in the industry for several years. And now, I have. You know when they say ‘follow your dreams’? Best. Advice. Ever. We provide hog roast Pontypridd, a catering service which includes decorations and bread rolls. All our hog roasts come with crackling and our own special applesauce. We also offer hog roast hire Pontypridd, a hog roast machine hire service for those with a more hands on approach.  Whether you’re looking for hog roast Pontypridd or hog roast hire Pontypridd, we are the team for you.

Hog roast hire is very popular with less formal events and we usually get private individuals interested in hog roast hire Pontypridd, but we have had offices hire machines from us as well, usually for office parties. We have also had gastro pubs hire the machines for themed nights, and some local groups have hired from us as well. Hog roast catering is a very mixed bag, and I think that with any catering business you have to expect the unexpected.  No two jobs are ever the same. Here at hog roast Pontypridd, we have catered for many weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events, but it never gets boring because each event is so different. You’ve got to be on your toes.

Leaders in our Field

Hog roasts start their journey in our kitchen, where the chefs prepare and cook the roasts, using spices to bring out the rich flavour of the meat. There are also kitchen assistants who help the chefs and perform the basic tasks needed to keep it all going. The kitchen staff are the ones who are in charge of the quality of the food, so their job is very important. Upstairs we take care of administration and the ordering of supplies, and these staff are less closely involved with the hog roasts themselves. Lastly our catering and hog roast hire delivery team are the face of the organisation, responsible for the quality of the customer service. These were chosen for their communication skills and catering experience.

Catering is fun; I’ve met lots of pleasant, nice people that way. We usually arrive with plenty of time to spare and end up chatting to the clients. Today we were catering for a couple’s ten year anniversary in a local hotel. I’ve catered plenty of anniversaries, especially silver anniversaries; a few golden anniversaries too. We got to the hotel and I started blowing up the balloons while another member of the team put them up. We moved the tables, set out the serviettes, condiments and bread rolls, then brought in the hog roast machine, plugged it in and soon had the roast turning inside it. We’d finished with plenty of time to spare, as we usually do here at hog roast Pontypridd.

Pontypridd is a small town, with a far larger community in the surrounding region (the town’s suburbs and nearby villages) also referred to as Pontypridd and covering several areas. Those of us who live here usually abbreviate the name to “Ponty”. The name “Pontypridd” comes from the Welsh for “bridge by the earthen house”, and the old stone arch bridge can still be seen to this day (although the name refers to a wooden bridge which existed before the stone bridge). When the stone bridge was constructed, it was the largest one of its type in the world, though quite steep to difficult for horses and carts to travel. So a new bridge was built and Pontypridd was known as Newbridge for a time.