Hog Roast Pontypridd

Hog Roast PontypriddFor more than 20 years Hog Roast Pontypridd has been plying its trade as a stylish event catering service specialising in spectacular hog roast dining worthy of any event. Our goal is to bring unique event dining experiences to our customers that bring out the very best in their events, and to give their guests something to shout about in the town of Pontypridd. We believe that we have been extremely successful in that regard, having carved out our own novel sector of the market with our special craft hog roast machines and penchant for high quality, stylish service. As we often say, it isn’t an event until it is a Hog Roast Pontypridd event!

We at Hog Roast Pontypridd are proud not only of the taste of our high-quality pork’s, but also of the spectacle that our chef’s special hog roast provides. There are few things that will get your mouth suitably watering than watching your meal being carefully prepared right in front of you and your guests fresh on the day via our specially crafted hog roast machines. It makes for a stylish way to ring in your event’s mealtime and the delicious results after more than speak for themselves too! Indulge in the rich, salty textures of our finished hog roast, topped off by our very own apple sauce, roast new potatoes, sage and onion stuffing’s and more! This exciting menu can be yours for any type of event: weddings, corporate hospitality, staff nights, private parties – whatever the need, Hog Roast Pontypridd will ensure exceptional results!

Quality Service Every Step Of The Way in Pontypridd

Hog Roast PontypriddAt Hog Roast Pontypridd we prefer to operate more like a family than a faceless corporation. We think that that is vital to event building and successful catering since it allows our employees and guests alike to feel more at ease with each other. It makes all for a very enjoyable affair for all! And with the friendliness of our expert team you won’t find any problems in requesting exactly the foods and services you need either! Hog Roast Pontypridd is all about flexibility and seamless service that works specifically to you.

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