Hog Roast Swansea

The Best Hog Roasts In Swansea

Hog Roast SwanseaAt hog roast Swansea we believe that the food, or more importantly the pigs that we serve are roasted in the most traditional way that we can, so that the guests at the event we are attending get the full experience. From the moment we wheel the hog roasting oven onto site, to putting the hog on the spit, to the pig turning slowly while roasting, plus the beautiful aroma of the food cooking, to the best part, which is the guests actually tucking into their food. A few totally random facts about famous people from Swansea – Did you know the comedian Rob Brydon, actor Sir Anthony Hopkins and actress Catherine Zeta Jones all come from this Welsh city? You do now. Hog roast Swansea prides itself on the fact that they get their food from the finest suppliers in Wales. So whether you go to an event here in Swansea or another town or city where there is our food being served, you know that the pork, lamb our chicken you are eating is of the finest standard, and nothing but the best will do for Spitting Pig.

Leaders In Our Field

Our team are creatively professional individuals who bring so much to any event they work on with their passion and flare for hog roasting. So you know that if you go to an event organised somewhere here in Swansea, be it a private party, corporate event or a wedding function, you know that you will get the best food served, and the best service possible no matter what level of options and menus you have chosen. No function is to small or large. We can cater for a handful of people up to several thousand. We always arrive in plenty of time to set up our equipment and ovens, and once we have done feeding your hungry guest at your Swansea event, we discreetly pack up and clear our rubbish away and then slip away quietly.

Because there are so few people or should I say companies who do what we do at the moment, bringing hog roast Swansea along to your event adds a certain uniqueness to the whole thing. If after your event, you want to leave us feedback on how it went, feel free. We have a section on our website where you can let us know how it was.

No matter whereabouts in Swansea you are there is a local team close by and you are never far from help at any time concerning your event, we really are just a phone call or email away. Plus we have a free phone number to contact us on should you wish to book us for an event or just for general enquiries. Outside of offices hours there is always the e-mail address you can contact us on, so there’s no excuse for not contacting us! Swansea is a city on the south west coast of Wales and is in the county of West Glamorgan, and it is where this journey of hog roast Swansea begins.