A Hog Roast For The Newport Boat Club

The Newport Boat club in Pembrokeshire called upon Spitting Pig Wales to help them celebrate their Club’s 40th anniversary. When Spitting Pig Wales arrived at the venue it was already a hive of excitement and even more so when “Hog roast” was mentioned. The guests were provided with an abundance of live music, fairground rides, alcoholic beverages as well as the essential succulent pulled pork supplied by Spitting Pig Wales. As the night grew darker outside more and more guests were tempted in to sample the mouthwatering pork, crackling, stuffing & apple sauce rolls. Throughout the evening, the guests complimented the staff of Spitting Pig Wales for the delicious and tasty hog roast. Spitting Pig Wales returned home again in the knowledge that the Boat Club’s owners and guests were happy and content.