Easy To Enjoy

The bank holiday weekend in August wasn’t too busy for us surprisingly, but we still managed to spread the hog roast word to 1 client, even if he did all the hard work for us! The only customer over the weekend was a man from Oswestery who came to us, without the funds for Spitting Pig catering, but extra keen for a hog roast so we persuaded him to hire a machine from us and he’d be blown away by the results. Well word has come back and we were right on the money. The hired machine fed 120 people and come the next morning we had a message on our answer phone telling us that the machine cooked the pig just brilliantly, that it was the tastiest spit pig he and his guests have had, and just generally a big thank you from the client for getting the machine to him on such short notice at a good cost. And the weekend that we’ve just finished we had more hog roast activities lined up, one party and another wedding event. The wedding event was for 150 people and had a serve time of 7pm, plenty of time for us to cook wedding menu 3 and get the pig and chickens ripe with flavour. Come 7 oclock you best believe we served the customers a pig and chicken roast so tasty that they went home and dreamed about having Spitting Pig catering again. The event was easy to enjoy, the venue was stunningly beautiful and it really didn’t hurt that the guests were very receptive of the spit roasting and happily came over and chatted away to me while I was cooking the pig and chickens for them, keeping my mouth almost as busy as my arms. Next weekend is another wedding and another party that I can’t wait for. Last week I had a booked holiday and so i’m already suffering withdrawal symptoms from a week without any hog roasts. If you’ve got an event planned you can help fill out my schedule by calling and booking hog roast catering.

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