Outdoor Dining Delivered All Through The Summer With Hog Roast Carew

At Hog Roast Carew we love summer, not in the least because it means we get to take our work outdoors and serve customers our special summer menus. This summer was a great return to form again after a couple of stop start years, and we couldn’t have been any happier with how our many events, both indoor and outdoor, turned out all through the season.

While the sun didn’t always come out quite as we may have hoped, we did our best bringing brilliant outdoor dining to events, we served offices returning to work after summer breaks, we served guests in parks, gardens, even beaches, we grilled, we barbecued, we served up light and fresh platters and salads. We brought the best in outdoor dining services to hundreds of customers all across the country, with every Hog Roast Carew team pushing harder than ever before to bring exceptional dining experiences to our customers.

We’ve served many a hog roast outside this summer, which is always as exciting for us in summer as it is for the customers because we get so few opportunities to really bring the hog roast to its full spectacle outside. Hog roasts are traditionally made outside, and though we are fortunate enough to have our process being flexible to indoor cooking or out, we will always jump at the opportunity to put it where it belongs when possible!

Hog Roast CarewAmong our hog roast classic the Hog Roast Carew gourmet barbecue menu has also once again a great summer favourite with our customers. This range brings the classics of the British barbecue and delivers it in even better quality with our chef’s own homemade burgers, sausages, skewers, and ribs. Along with our barbecue the alfresco menu has also been a popular choice for summer dining, and it is easy to see why. Quite literally meaning “to dine outdoors”, and delivering on the finest tastes of Italy and the Mediterranean, the alfresco menu is a great light lunch option for customers to pick at to their choosing.

We’ve enjoyed so much of the summer, but we can’t wait to get going again too with Autumn soon!