Serving Dining Aces Only At Hog Roast Llandudno

Hog Roast LlandudnoTennis season is on the go now and Wimbledon is just around the corner which of course means many of us in Britain are likely about to be swept up in that annual tennis fever. It always happens. You’ve been watching the likes of Andy Murray and Emma Raducanu strut their stuff out on centre court, and so suddenly you feel the need to stick on the trainers and grab that old racquet from the cupboard and head out to your local courts (usually to find that everyone else has had the exact same idea and packed the courts out already).

Fortunately however, at a local Tennis Club they’ve already thought well ahead and are kicking of the tennis fever already at their own courts by hosting an open tournament welcome to both members and non-members. Advertised as a casual tournament afternoon for all levels of players (even novices like ourselves at Hog Roast Llandudno), the Summer Serve tournament was designed to be more festive than professional serious, and as such the club organisers also arranged for an end of tournament barbecue and buffet with catering from your team here at Hog Roast Llandudno. We can’t think of many ways to better refuel after a long afternoon of tennis than with a hog roast and a side of perfect golden roasties with a helpful serving of seasonal leaves – can you?

Hog Roast LlandudnoOur Hog Roast Llandudno team arrived to the club before any of the players so that we could set up our equipment in the clubhouse and immediately get to prepping and cooking. The 4-6 hours required of our hog roast to cook was the perfect time to have the tournament run and then end just as our roast was ready to go! Our chef also set up the barbecue outside and prepped our homemade burgers, sausages, and chicken kebab skewers to start grilling just as the tournament was coming to close.

As all the players and visitors enjoyed their buffet barbecue the club organisers also handed out awards for the winners of the day and offered to have any non-members out again any time they liked over summer.