Astronomy Painting Competition With Hog Roast Tenby

This week the team from Hog Roast Tenby found themselves providing service from beyond the stars, as they were asked to provide one of their famous Hog Roasts for the guests and contestants of an Astronomy Painting Competition. We were first contacted by Brian, a local artist who also has a degree in Astrophysics. As the man responsible for organising the event, Brian was passionate about sharing these fascinating artworks and wanted to keep people at the event for as long as possible, and therefore did whatever he could to make the event more comfortable.

Hog Roast TenbyAs well as plenty of seats and benches for people to rest on, within the rooms of the exhibition, Brian also wanted us to feed his guests buffet style, from our stall outside. With us, he discussed the location, date, time and choice of menu. The exhibition would take place at a small community centre, and we would be placed outside with our mighty Hog Roasts, and would provide food for anyone who’d paid to see the exhibition – easily identifiable by the wristbands guests were wearing to show that they’d paid.

On the day of the competition, the team from Hog Roast Tenby arrived on site nice and early to begin the slow cooking process – before the last painting had even been hung on the wall. We prepare all our food from scratch, using only fresh, raw ingredients on site. Our slow cooking method is the key to our success in achieving the most succulent of meat and the crispiest of crackling. Today we were serving the Hog roast with crusty bread rolls and a selection of sauces – our famous Pigs in Buns. We started serving at 1PM, as the guests began to arrive and all the paintings were on display,  having been split up into different categories, such as Planets and Galaxies.

It was a great day of Art and Science at the exhibition and a great many star gazers were tempted by our glorious pigs in buns, which went down like a cosmic storm. At the end of the day, when the winners had been announced and everybody was full, there was nothing left for the team at Hog Roast Tenby to do but tidy away their mess discreetly and dispose of any waste offsite.