Birthday Celebration Hog Roast, Coleford.

The market town of Coleford, in the heart of the Forest of Dean was the venue for the Spitting Pig Wales Team. The menu selection for Louise’s 40th Birthday celebrations was the Slow Southern Roast – a shoulder of Pork, a brisket of Welsh Beef and a couple of free range chickens. This combination of meats along with tomato & mozzarella, green leaf salad and potatoes wedges substantiates to a hearty meal. The long slow cooking of the hog roast Coleford meats over a seven hour period was in complete contrast with the hungry appetites of the 75 guests. It didn’t take long before 2nd & 3rd helpings finished off the remaining food, the guest apologising for eating so much but they couldn’t help themselves it was so delicious.The Spitting Pig Team cheerfully began the clear up and pack away happy with the appreciation that the hog roast Coleford slow roast pork (produced on our own farm) beef brisket and chicken had thoroughly been enjoyed. Only as we were clearing away did we begin to appreciate how beautiful the surrounding area of the Forest of Dean was with the trees in full leaf and many in bloom. A steady drive home back to Ffos Yr Ewig Farm in Llanfynydd, South Wales finished off the day.