February in the Spitting Pig Wales office

Bore da!! Good Morning!!

Hello and welcome to February’s Blog.

February has now arrived and we have loads in store for us here at Spitting Pig Wales. We are still helping our Customer’s with their queries and taking lots of bookings. As we are all aware Valentines Day is fast approaching and it is the time to be expressing your love to loved ones or the anonymous. By exchanging gifts, or spending time together.

What to do on this day? What gifts to buy? Where to go? Romantic night at home or candle lit dinner out? Here at Spitting Pig we have numerous events lined up and even bookings for the 14th of February. An example of a booking is in the gorgeous and picturesque town of Penarth where we will be catering for a firm that is taking its employee’s out for the night on a boat and our qualified chef will be preparing the Hog awaiting their arrival back onshore. We just hope none of them get sea sick as we want them to enjoy and eat all that’s prepared for them.

As cupid will be out with his bow and arrow and to get you all in the mood I thought I would tell you one of my Valentine’s Day Poems (no laughing) ha!!

GI Haircut

GI shoes

GI Jacket

GI Blues

GI Love you

GI do

GI hope you love me too!!

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