Wedding reception – Cardiff

What a day. We just hosted a wedding reception in sunny Cardiff. It was a glorious day for it too. It was a pretty private affair to be fair. There were only around 50 people attending but I’ll be honest I prefer the smaller functions even though they don’t pay as well. It gives us chance to really shine.
We were already well under way when the bride and groom arrived and the other guests started appearing. The couple did look really happy and rather cute…especially when they tried our food;). We were asked to cook our poplar Roast Package Number One which is our incredible whole Herb and Butter baste hog and damn was it tasty! The guests especially the kids, went nuts for the crackling! To that we also had some sage and bay and chestnut stuffing’s. Those always go down particularly well and this event was no different. We had quite a variety of sauces and salads this time too. The apple and cinnamon sauce turned out great. We had set the marquee up at the end of the garden which gave us plenty of room to do our thing, especially since there also needed to be room for the stage because there was a band in too. All our staff were fully uniformed for the event and did themselves proud remaining professional at all times. The roast went beautifully to be honest. I always make sure I get chance to wander through the crowds and get feedback and everyone I spoke to loved it. It’s hard to find a balance between showing I’m genuinely interested in what they think and showing them that I’m not just trying to get more customers! I spoke to and congratulated James and Kathy, the newlyweds who fell over themselves thanking us for the event. It’s times like that that give us that much needed boost when we do this week after week!
I did the bit of obligatory networking and managed to get a few potential bookings for the coming months.
The wine was definitely flowing as the event started to wind down and I think there’s going to be some sore heads in the morning. But all in all the event went great. The hog was perfect and my crew did a really good job. They were especially excited as we were all invited to have out pictures taken with the bride and groom! We started to pack up and I was fortunate enough to grab a chat with a guest who used to work as a chef down in London. He gave me some great ideas for a honey and red chilli glaze that I certainly plan on trying soon as it sounds like it could be a great addition to our repertoire!
In all it was a great event and my team did me proud. Hoping that next weekend’s lamb roast in Swansea goes even half as well!

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