Hog Roast Lampeter Kickstarted March With Two St David’s Day Celebrations!

Hog Roast LampeterOnce again, Hog Roast Lampeter’s catering team had a very busy start to the month!

With St David’s Day falling on the 1st of the month, our services are always in extremely high demand come March. Of course, the busier we are, the more clients we get to help out by serving our tasty food at their events. So, for us, being busy is always welcome!

But to our pleasant surprise, this St David’s Day was even busier than last year’s, which resulted in us having two separate events to cater for on the same day. Because of this, the pressure was on Hog Roast Lampeter to stick to a strict schedule, otherwise risk disappointing our second client.

Our team were up for the challenge, and with catering manager Brad at the helm, no one had any doubt that they could pull off two fantastic serves in the span of one day – and they were right to be confident!

Determined to give both clients a speedy yet flawless service, Brad and the team rallied together to show just what Hog Roast Lampeter is made of. After coming up with a full-proof plan of action, they headed to the first client of the day, which saw them serve our Classic Hog Roast spread with some traditional Welsh accompaniments at a nearby care home.

Hog Roast LampeterThis event had been organised by the staff on behalf of the residents, and we’re so pleased to share that everyone thoroughly enjoyed our cooking. We rounded off this incredible service with individual cheesecakes and chocolate torte puddings, which everyone was very pleased about.

The race was then on for Hog Roast Lampeter. Our team quickly cleared away all mess left behind after the luncheon and loaded it into the catering van. After properly disposing of the waste and restocking the van with wholesome ingredients, they travelled to our next client.

Brad’s impeccable time-keeping skills saw Hog Roast Lampeter roll up to Catherine’s home at 3pm, which gave them plenty of time to rustle up a suckling pig feast for the client’s intimate St David’s Day celebration later in the evening.

For the second time that day, guests were blown away by the presentation, flavours and customer service provided by Hog Roast Lampeter, which boosted the overall atmosphere of the event.