Lots Of Birthday Party Catering

The first weekend of my hog roast jobs in Wales this month was a line up or 3 different birthday party hog roasts in Llandovery, Newston and Welshpool respectively.

The first was for 90 people and that was at a house in Llandovery, it was a 21st party and for that I made succulent tray roasted pig. The guests loved it, we had an email testimonial for that event not long after praising the hog roast and the job I did. The 2nd party was on Saturday in Welshpool, at the Royal Oak Hotel, in total for that party there was 80 guests and they wanted a spit roast pig too, so I cooked for them a mouth watering pig and served it on floured roll with classic crunchy crackling, stuffing and an apple sauce, compliments came in thick and fast when I handed out the pig roast rolls. Sunday was the last party of the weekend for a 40th birthday party in Welshpool, for that event in total there was a whopping 160 guests, which is plenty more than I could think of if I was thinking of people to invite to my party! The guests had a salmon starter and for the spit roast the menus picked were spit roast pig and spit roast sirloin of roast beef. The guests picked roughly 50/50 between the 2 spit roast options, I was at the event with Iain, together we cooked the best sizzling spit roasts in Wales and a starter that was every bit as good. Almost as soon as we started serving the spit roast had been ate by the guests and we were packed away, in the van and making our way back home.

The second weekend of activity for myself was a hog roast wedding reception on Friday for 160 people, I cooked a snack in a roll with the guests choosing the spit roast pig or spit roast turkey. The next day, Saturday, we made a hog roast for a fun day at a park in Fishguard, for that event a tray roasted pig was cooked and in total I recall we served more than 200 floured rolls with spit pig, crackling, apple sauce and Spitting Pig stuffing.

Then I had a few days holiday and wasn’t back and hog roasting until the final weekend of October when I was a part of a much larger hog roast team for a very big wedding event with more than 200 guests in Swansea. I was the secondary chef and spit roasted the chickens, the main Spitting Pig chef for the event was hog roast veteran Dave who trumps me on the experience front. Working together we produced 2 jaw dropping spit roast meal choices for the guests, most had picked the pig beforehand but those that chose the chicken loved it.

Now Octobers behind me I can’t wait for more enthralling hog roast jobs this month!

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