Rushed off our feet.

We’ve been rushed off our feet this month at Spitting Pig Wales, with events every night over the last week and barely a free evening over the past four. That’s a lot of tasty roasted hogs! And we’ve taken them all over the place in the past few weeks, from Anglesey earlier in the month down to Cardiff last week, with a couple of trips out to the Gower in between. Nice to see a bit of the country, and nice to be supplying delicious hot roast pork to satisfied and well-fed customers and their friends all over Wales. Getting out to the Gower was particularly nice, if a bit blustery at this time of year, so two trips was a treat. We did a great anniversary party at a pub in Llangennith for 130 guests who after a cliff walk and an evening on the ale were more than ready to demolish our roast pork baps, and a joint 18th and 21st birthday bash for two brothers in a converted barn the next weekend which we are assured went on late into the night – powered, of course, by several rounds of our finest tender roast pork baps with liberal quantities of stuffing and crispy crackling. There’s nothing like the crackling you get off a Spitting Pig roasting machine – that perfect combination of crunchy skin and hot flavoursome fat cannot be beat, and the conditions are just ideal on our spits.

It’s been all about the seaside this month, with a trip to Barmouth last week and Aberystwth and Fishguard also featuring in our calendar earlier in the month. It’s a good thing I like the taste of that salty sea air – it’s a great thing for working up an appetite to get roasting hogs. We’ve supplied catering for all kinds of events as well, from the aforementioned birthdays and anniversaries to office parties and sports events of various kinds – this month’s winner was a steam fair though, one of the few times I’ve ever turned up at an event with our roasting machines and been envious of other people’s kit. Some of the old steam engines they had on display were seriously stunning, and I came away with a newfound respect for our transport history. The guys who run them are serious gadget maniacs, and we had a lot of people interested in the workings of our Spitting Pig machines – at least, that was the excuse some of them were using for coming back two or three times to ‘have another look at the roasters’. I noticed it gave them a good excuse to sample the wares each time they came back for a chat! You can’t blame them though – I’ve seen people eat seven or eight of our baps in a row, they just can’t get enough of our succulent satisfying pork and home-made stuffing and apple sauce. I can put away a fair few myself mind you – and if you give us a try you’ll see you’ll be coming back for more!

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