Hog roast Aberdovey.

If you’re here, you must be asking: what’s going on at hog roast Aberdovey? It’s been a busy few weeks, especially with Guy Fawkes’ Night and the many bonfire parties we had that week. This years’ best fireworks display was definitely served along with our hog roast in Aberdovey – I’m still seeing stars! We did a pretty fantastic early bonfire party at the weekend, we’ve all over Aberdovey for Halloween – I think I’ve driven most of the roads in Wales over the last four weeks trucking our Spitting Pig roasting machines about! That said, after last week, I’m thinking about trading in the van for a motorbike – maybe I can sidecar that’d take a pig – a real road hog! I’ve been inspired by one of the parties we did last week for a big motorbike fan and a whole crowd of his petrol head friends who all turned up on motorbikes – you should have seen them lined up down the street! The line of bikes was almost as long as the line that formed next to our serving area when we started carving, but with our years of catering experience we made short work of the hog – and the assembled guests made short work of their hot pork rolls! As quick as we could serve up the slabs of tender pork, our own recipe stuffing and our homemade apple sauce they were wolfed down by the leather-jacketed crowd. Another party successfully fed by hog roast Aberdovey thanks to our fantastic machines and no less fantastic team. Now, does anybody have any good recommendations about where to buy a motorbike?

You might be just hearing the first few Christmas tunes in the shops, but we’ve been planning ahead for a couple of months now – in fact, we’ve had some dates penciled in since January with the organisers of Christmas parties we catered very successfully last year telling us they daren’t risk not being able to get us for their dates closer to the time for fear of disappointing the attendees who got a taste of our goods in 2011! A healthy proportion of our bookings year round come from repeat customers or recommendations from friends, but at Christmas we really do seem to see the same faces every year, as people keep coming back for more servings of succulent roast pork and our turkey Christmas specials. There’s nothing like spit roast turkey – it’s a completely different proposition from home oven roasting, as spinning on our machines cooks the bird evenly and perfectly throughout – and with the number we roast, we know exactly how long to cook for to get that difficult to achieve perfect moist texture. If this is tempting your taste buds, let us know as soon as possible – don’t delay, because our calendar is filling up fast and it breaks my heart to disappoint people when we’re already booked up for their chosen party day. Your guests will thank you – so give us a call soon and guarantee you’re at the top of everyone’s Christmas lists!

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