Sunny October morning hog roast Tycroes

Well yet another beautiful sunny October morning. Its now 10am and the sun is breaking through the mist. it was a perfect Welsh October morning with the mist lying in the valley and you could just tell there was a bright sun just trying to break through. Well at about 9.45 it succeeded and we are now set for a great sunny day. Our event today is a hog roast in Tycroes for a christening. We are going to get everything ready for them as they come out of the church. we have been here since 5am cooking and getting the gazebos set up.Eventful weekend There are 50 guests coming and we have supplied tables and chairs as well as the food so that everyone will have some where to sit whilst they eat their lunch. I am sure everyone will be looking forward to a hog roast Tycroes lunch in the sunshine.Well the kettles boiling so I am away to make a fresh pot of tea for the workers.