Graduation Screening Party with Hog Roast Barry!

When you hear the word graduation most people assume graduation takes place in the summer. And for many students it does! But for Holly, a nursing student she had a winter graduation which meant posing for photos outside the university was a little bit colder, but her family were able to all be there with her to celebrate.

Hog Roast BarryHolly and her family had decided to organise a graduation party with a Hog Roast Barry as it seems these days students are allowed maximum of two guests at the ceremony with any extra guests having to simply watch on a television screen instead. Therefore, the family decided to have their own screening, and all get together to watch Holly cross the stage and receive her degree. Afterwards they were all getting together to enjoy a Hog Roast Barry hearty feast as a treat for Holly achieving a first-class degree and already having a full time job as a nurse lined up!

For this special occasion we had been asked to go simple and create our traditional Hog Roast Barry rolls. This entails slow roasting a hog for a couple of hours, which could be done during the ceremony, and then carving up the meat and serving it in freshly baked rolls with lots of crackling and homemade applesauce. Apparently, all her dad could think about during the lengthy ceremony was how proud he was of his daughter and of the mouth-watering crackling he was going to be eating afterwards! Always keen to please our head chef had made sure he made the best crackling possible by gently scoring the hogs skin and applying lots of water and sea salt and then massaging it in and checking on it very couple of hours.

By the time the ceremony was over the Hog Roast Barry was ready to be devoured and it was lovely to see how proud Holly’s family were as we served them their food. Well done Holly!