Hog Roast Bridgend Urging – Get Booked In!

When you hire Hog Roast Bridgend to cater, you can make sure that all of your party guests feel like VIPs from start to finish, and that’s whether they have different personal tastes to each other or have any dietary needs that need to be considered. We don’t just make gorgeous, traditional hog roast centrepieces, even though they are our scrumptious masterpieces, as we’ve always understood that there’s a real need for choice and variety in order to cater for all guests and not just the majority.

If a delicious hog roast is on the cards for your special occasion, we’ll certainly do you proud with either a meal of juicy, moist meat and crispy, salty crackling, accompanied by your choice of seasonal vegetables and potatoes and our homemade delights of apple sauce, stuffing and gravy, or made into our mouth watering Hog Roast Bridgend pigs in buns, where we cram the meat, crackling, stuffing and apple sauce inside fresh bread rolls and wraps and serve alongside some lovely sauces.

Hog Road BridgendNevertheless, if you fancy spit-roasted chicken, turkey, beef or lamb, we can easily do that instead, or maybe our Barbecue standalone menu will tickle your taste buds, as it’s full of British beef burgers, gourmet sausages, chicken kebabs, spare ribs, coleslaw, salads and chips, and ideal at this time of year. We also offer various other standalones as well, to make it easier for you to choose a set menu, like our three-course Alfresco which includes Italian-style platters, a hog roast main and then a choice of puddings, or our Southern Slow Roast with its trio of meats and four sides, or perhaps our Loaded Fries would be a big hit at your event, where we top fresh-cooked chips with pulled pork or brisket of beef, a spicy or zesty slaw and jalapenos and then smother in melting cheese.

You may well be inviting guests on special diets and if so, just let us know when you book our services, as we have some tasty options to suit everyone. Whatever you’re thinking of, Hog Roast Bridgend has got you covered, so call us today and get booked in!