Hog Roast Glandyfi Engagement

We were catering for an engagement party with a hog roast Glandyfi last Saturday evening in a very large club we had been there before to cater for previous events and we knew it would be a good night. We arrived early evening and upon arrival we set about getting started.

We were cooking an assortment of meats chicken, beef and lamb a good selection for all to enjoy. The meat was to be placed in sandwiches when cooked and filled with lots of fresh crunchy salad that we chopped and sliced and placed into huge bowls. Our chef made a selection of fine sauces for meats- a nice mint sauce and a hot and spicy mix and a milder mustard sauce we make everything on site at each event and we think that is the way it should be. We had the tables looking wonderful in no time with all the salads and sauces and huge piles of buns. When the party started we carried on with the cooking as the guests enjoyed the speech and had a few glasses of champagne and at the time required we were ready to serve the hog roast Glandyfi.

The happy couple were the first to sample the delights and they were more than impressed at the hog roast Glandyfi, the meats were so tender and succulent and just fell apart as our chef sliced it, the guests were coming up to us and saying how much they had enjoyed the food and were eager to find out more about us and we left a pile of menus for guests to take showing all we do. We were ready for our beds as we cleared away but as always we had a good time never feels like work for us as we do love our job so much. The couple came over and said how would we fancy catering for their wedding the following year?

We said we would love to and they said they would contact us next month to discuss menus, we are all looking forward to this already and we were told it would be in the region of 2000 guests- that’s the type of jobs we all love!