Hog Roast Hay On Wye – Marching on Through the Euro’s

It’s been a dream group round for Robert Page and the boys at the Welsh national team, and we here at Hog Roast Hay On Wye are delighted to be keeping up the party as we enter into the knockout stages now. The boys have done us proud so far, and we know there is more to come. Hog Roast Hay On Wye has been loving the Euro show so far as it gives more opportunity for us to do what we love – serving great foods to our great customers. Many customers have chosen Hog Roast Hay On Wye already to cater and deliver to their match day events, and they have not regretted it once. We make the match day experience just that even bit more special by delivering top range hog roasts and freshly made barbecued meats and foods to fuel your non-stop Euro party. Forget the halftime pies, it’s European International football and that calls for something just that bit more special with us.

Hog Roast Hay On WyeYou won’t want to miss a moment as Wales march into the latter half of the tournament, and with Hog Roast Hay On Wye you won’t have to. You just gather your guests in a safe environment, and we’ll get all the drinks and foods in. We’ll even cook throughout the day and keep on serving to you so that not a moment is missed. Hog Roast Hay On Wye is the premier way to enjoy the Euro match day experience. Choose from freshly made hog roasts, barbecued burgers, kebabs, sausages, fresh salads, chips and more! You don’t get this kind of service at the stadium, that’s for sure. While many of us still have to remain home to enjoy the match why not make that experience as best as it can be!

This past Sunday some of our customers enjoyed a Father’s Day/Euro doubler as we provided many proud Welsh fathers with a delight of roast foods and catered service. It was a truly special weekend for all and we can’t wait to have at some more of it for just a few more weeks to come!