Hog Roast New Quay Can Offer It All!

When you’re planning any kind of special occasion where you’d like caterers to attend, you need to know you’re in safe hands and with Hog Roast New Quay, you’re that and so much more. Our friendly, dedicated experts have many different kinds of parties and events under their belts and are highly-trained, so whatever you’re organising, from a milestone birthday for a family member to your own wedding day meal or a corporate function like a conference, training day or Christmas party, we’ve got you covered.

Hog Roast New QuayYou may not know that we offer so much more than delicious hog roasts but we fully understand the need or wish for something different. While we’re proud of our signature food – traditional hog roast centrepieces that are full of tender, moist meat and crispy, salty crackling – if you fancy spit-roasted chicken, turkey, lamb or beef or a barbecue of sausages, burgers, ribs and kebabs, you’ve also come to the right place!

We can do so much more too, including specialty standalones like our Hog Roast New Quay Southern Slow Roast, Loaded Fries or Alfresco menus, and if you’re inviting any guests with dietary needs, just let us know when you book and we’ll help you decide which of our tasty options will be best for us to make fresh on the day. Vegetarians love our halloumi and vegetable wraps with sweet chilli and Tzatziki dips and vegans can’t get enough of our barbecued jackfruit buns and slaw on the side, while gluten-free guests are always surprised to find out that they can enjoy our famous pigs in buns just like everyone else – with advanced notice, we can take along gluten-free bread rolls or wraps, as all the other ingredients are already suitable.

In case you’re thinking of having a menu of multiple courses, that’s also no problem, and we have a great array of possibilities of canapés, starters, sides and desserts. No matter what kind of menu you’d like to treat your guests to, Hog Roast New Quay can do it all, with something for everyone, regardless of personal tastes or diets. So what are you waiting for?