Hog Roast Llandysul – Football Presentation

We didn’t have far to travel at the weekend as we were catering in our home town for the local football team for their annual presentation we have catered for these guys before and they are a lovely bunch! They have huge appetites as we know from previous experience and we knew exactly what they would be wanting as the menu never changes.

Chickens and plenty of them were placed on a machine and as the Hog Roast Llandysul cooked we set the long table and placed lots of freshly baked products on the table all baked fresh by us. Quiche and scotch eggs are a particular favourite so we brought plenty. We then placed the sausage rolls, cheese board and cold sliced meats on the table with a selection of bread sticks and crisp breads for them to enjoy. The Hog Roast Llandysul smelt amazing and we decided to make some sauces for the chickens so we made a spicy dressing and a mild yogurt dressing we love to experiment and we make everything from scratch we know what people like and like to offer a variety to suit all taste buds. When the guys arrived they came charging towards us and all chatted saying that they had been looking forward to this day. We removed the chickens from the machine so moist and tender and the meat just fell apart. The guys filled up their plates high and they said they were in heaven they also told us they don’t know how we do it but it always seems to taste better and better than the last and adding if that is even possible! We have done lots of catering individually for the footballers for their parties in the past and we certainly felt like we were among friends as we always do lately where ever we go. The presentation went well and all were in high spirits and they enjoyed a cold beer after they ate and they thanked us all again as we left. It feels so good to be appreciated and in our job we get that feeling constantly and that makes us very happy workers.