Hog Roast Tirabad – Surprise Party!

We were out catering for a birthday party last week catering for one hundred and fifty guests with a Hog Roast Tirabad. We had the enquiry just before Christmas from a lovely guy named Simon who was throwing a surprise party for his wife’s 30th. The event was being held in the local pub and when we arrived we were greeted by a cheery happy Simon we congratulated him on the décor of the room he had went all out with decorations and streamers to surprise his wife and as he headed of back home to get ready we got started.

The first job was to place the pig on the machine and as the meat cooked we then set about making some side dishes. We chopped a huge sack of potatoes into wedges and set them aside to cook later we do all our prep on site and make sure everything is fresh. We poached a beautiful salmon and dressed it in thin slices of cucumber and radishes we make so much effort to make sure every event has that personal thought out touch. We bake our own rolls and placed the soft rolls into baskets for the guests to enjoy. We then made some salads, dips and slaws and placed an assortment of condiments of every flavour imaginable. The pork was cooked and resting for a few minutes as the guests arrived Simon was standing at the door very nervous waiting for his wife then in she walked to a round of applause and cheers and a look of relief on Simons face! She came over to look at the Hog Roast Tirabad and the guests all followed the pork was cut into thick slices that just melt in the mouth. The guests filled up their plates and were saying how delicious the food was. The salmon was a big hit too we eat with our eyes and we make sure all the Hog Roast Tirabad food looks appealing and leave nothing to chance. The party was a huge success and everyone enjoyed themselves and we were thanked again by Simon and his wife we left feeling happy that again we had done a fantastic job.