Hog Roast Llannon Spring Is Just Around The Corner!

One of the sure signs that spring is just around the corner – is the sight of spring lambs! Jumping and running around with so much energy & vigour – it’s great to sit back, watch & laugh.
On our farm in South Wales we breed Jacob sheep, an ancient breed dating back to biblical times. This breed has survived for thousands of years and in the process has Spitting Pig Walesevolved into a very hardy, self reliant breed of sheep. This ‘hardiness’ suits outdoor lambing, our Jacobs prefer to lamb on their own out in the fields rather than being confined to a lambing pen in a shed.
Consequently it’s always a surprise for us to walk into the field in the early morning and find a pair of black & white Jacob lambs sitting in the grass soaking up the early morning sun, it’s a real treat!!
You can rest assured as with all our livestock the lamb you have for your hog roast Llannon will have had an active and good quality outdoor lifestyle.