Hog Roast Radyr – Dragon Crossfit Charity Event

hog roast 3 Today hog roast Radyr catered for the Dragon Crossfit Charity event held in Cardiff. An evening of entertainment was planned ranging from fancy dress Popstar/Rockstar competitions, Karaoke and Air Hockey. The MC of the evening did not disappoint keeping the atmosphere electric with rocking tunes, mini competitions and dragging members on stage for the Karaoke competition! All the guests had gone to considerable effort in making their own fancy dress Rockstar/Popstar costumes. We had some classic oldies such as – John Travolta & Oliver Newton John, Elvis, Cher, as well as the more modern American LMFAO (complete with Cardboard box on head!)

hog roast 5

As the evening drew on the smell of the hog roast grew stronger attracting the guest around the hog roast Radyr table. They were not disappointed; the 10 hour slow cooked pulled pork was done to perfection, soft and succulent, the crackling by contrast crispy & brittle. The smooth stuffing and sweet homemade apple sauce had all the guests queuing the moment the hog roast was ready. Once appetites were satisfied (often with 2nd & 3rd) it was back to dancing & partying for hog roast Radyr!

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