Hog Roast Lydney – Every Dietary Requirement Catered For  

Here at Hog Roast Lydney, we’ve spent many years providing first-rate catering for all kinds of celebrations, commemorations and events. From birthday parties to remembrance ceremonies and festivals, and everything in-between, our delicious food has satisfied hunger and our service has impressed our customers and their guests, whether we’ve catered for a small group of people for them or for several hundred.

Hog Roast LydneyWhile our name may suggest otherwise, Hog Roast Lydney actually offers many more meaty options than hog roasts, including various spit-roasted meats, as well as barbecued and marinated ones, so irrespective of your guests’ personal tastes, we have something for every carnivore. Nevertheless, we also know that you may be inviting non-meat eaters or guests on special diets, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy our food, and that’s why you’ll find that we offer plenty of choice and variety and can cater for your wants and needs regardless.

When Avril contacted us with regards catering her corporate event, she told us she had eighty women attending and needed to ensure that all of them would be able to eat flavoursome, suitable food. We told her all about our speciality menus, like our loaded fries, winter warmer and Southern Slow Roast, our hog and spit roast possibilities, like pigs in buns and plated meals with potatoes and vegetables and options for special diets, as well as all the additional dishes we can provide, like starters, desserts, sides and canapés. Avril was amazed and went away to decide on the perfect menu for her function.

Avril decided on two main courses to be served – pigs in buns for the carnivores and veggie skewers for the vegetarians – as well as three sides of Greek salad, coleslaw and mac and cheese, which would all be suitable for the vegetarian guests too. On the day of the event, our Hog Roast Lydney and catering assistants cooked up a feast for all the senses, and the pig slowly sizzled away for several hours until it had cooked perfectly. Once we’d grilled the halloumi and rainbow of veg for the skewers and made our mac and cheese and salad dishes, it was time to wow Avril’s guests with some truly tasty food.