Hog Roast Penmaenmawr Use The Best Hog Roasting Machines In The Business

Hog Roast PenmaenmawrIf you are reading this blog then you no doubt know that Hog Roast Penmaenmawr are of course known for our catered hog roasts. But even though it is the magic of our roasts that we are renowned for and that customers come to us for, the real success of Hog Roast Penmaenmawr lies on in our ingeniously designed mobile hog roasting machines. These beauties are the real magic behind Hog Roast Penmaenmawr, as for several decades now they have allowed us to do all that we love.

30 years ago we sought out to provide affordable hog roast dining experiences to events. As it was a largely a niche service it was difficulty even to source the equipment required to produce the high-quality roasts that we were after out on the road, so we sourced parts of other machines and simply made our own.

Those machines soon became the many models that you’ll see at Hog Roast Penmaenmawr events up and down the country each and every day. The Titan machine, our Hog Master, they all came from those early cobbled together machines, and with each iteration we have been able to go along from success to success providing the best authentic hog roast catering service in the country.

Hog Roast PenmaenmawrThe thinking behind them was simple: we needed a way to condense the authentic hog roasting culinary experience into a contained unit that could also withstand being out on the road at events all over the country. It had to be capable of creating a quality dish while being reliable to withstand travel conditions. The Titan was our earliest model to come out of this as it provided a robust tool that could cook huge roasts at once. Each subsequent model has allowed us to achieve other requirements, such as being able to cook multiple dishes at once, or being able to spit roast, grill and barbecue, even serve from a foldable serving table. These state-of-the-art machines have easily become the very best in the business.

Our teams trust in them every day, and you can too if you ever wish to hire or even purchase one for yourself! Just speak to our team to find out how you can take away your very own number one hog roasting machine today!