Hog Roast St Clears Summer Fair Catering

When Harriet contacted Hog Roast St Clears about catering a summer fair at the school where she works, she was keen on finding an affordable option for feeding large groups of people over several hours, and was looking for a caterer who would use fresh, local, high-quality ingredients when doing so. Having been recommended to us by a colleague, Harriet was already impressed with the sound of our amazing food, let alone our renowned service, so when we told her the price and the fact that we can provide additional options if needed, she was hooked.

Hog Roast St ClearsHog Roast St Clears has spent a long time catering to the masses with lots of variety and choice, so regardless of whether you have guests with dietary needs or ones with different personal tastes, we can easily ensure that everyone invited can enjoy our food. For this summer fair, Harriet needed two traditional centrepiece hog roasts, which would feed plenty of people our famous pigs in buns, and also asked us to provide a vegetarian option of our veggie skewers and several side salads.

On the day of the event, our Hog Roast St Clears chef and team members made their way to the school venue bright and early. We would be serving from 12pm but it takes several hours to prepare and cook the meat, so we had to be there well before anyone else. Soon enough, the two hogs were sizzling away in their own juices, at a low temperature, very slowly for hours, while we kept a watchful eye on them as they cooked.

Later on that morning, our team freshly prepared the veggie skewers, with nuggets of halloumi and slices of mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, courgette, red and yellow peppers and red onion, and they were soon grilling to perfection. Before long, we had also prepared the garden-fresh tomato and mozzarella and seasonal green leaf salads and our homemade coleslaw, and it was nearly time to serve some gorgeous food to the waiting hordes.

But first, our chef needed to get the carving knives out, to slice up the two perfectly-cooked hogs, so we could add juicy meat and crispy crackling to fresh rolls and wraps, and top with our homemade apple sauce and stuffing, and then our amazing pigs our buns were ready to serve alongside all the other delicious food that we had lovingly prepared.