Hog Roast Trimsaran Wedding Reception

When catering for your impending wedding reception, Hog Roast Trimsaran knows just how important the food is to you, as it’s such a big part of your special day. If you have a centrepiece hog or spit roast on the day, your guests will remember the food for years to come, and it’s often the highlight of the day for many, including the bride and groom, so we want everything to go smoothly and for the food to taste amazing. We like to think of it as taking some of the stress off your shoulders when catering for you, as a wedding day can be very stressful, but the quality and taste have to be perfect too, and that’s why we always use high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients from suppliers that we trust, in order to make that happen.

For Rosemary and Joe’s wedding reception, they asked us here at Hog Roast Trimsaran to provide an informal buffet meal of our hugely popular hog roast rolls, where the guests would queue up to be served the cuts of meat that they wanted and have that and salty, crunchy crackling stuffed into bread rolls and then smothered with our own sage and onion stuffing and our homemade apple sauce too. Additionally, we would serve a homemade vegetable soup with croutons and a crusty bread roll as a sit-down starter, and our chef’s special sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce as a sit-down dessert, while the wedding cake itself would be cut and served afterwards too, for anyone who had any room left!

A vegetarian guest could eat the starter and dessert, as they are both suitable, but Rosemary asked us to provide a meat-free option of stuffed sweet peppers. We have plenty of choices for any guests who have dietary requirements, so if you’re planning a party or event and think a hog or spit roast is out of the question due to this, it’s definitely not for Hog Roast Trimsaran.

At the end of a lovely day, where the groom even included us in his speech, the hog had been stripped clean as many guests had enjoyed seconds or more, and we quietly cleaned away and left everyone to enjoy the rest of the night.