New Year’s resolution

Does anybody have any New Year’s resolutions? We’ve got a couple here at hog roast hire Chirk. I’ve been looking our figures for 2012 and during the last year and we roasted – wait for it – a grand total of 623 hogs! That’s getting on for two a day! And obviously we didn’t work every single day of the year (although sometimes it felt like it) so if you just take the days that we were roasting that’s definitely an average of two hogs for each event. Not that we turn our noses up at coming out to roast just one hog – at hog roast Chirk we pride ourselves on never turning down a booking and guarantee the same high level of service whether you’re 50 people or 5000. We are obviously popular with the people of Wales – well, our roast hogs are, anyway. You lucky folks just can’t get enough of our delicious tender hot roast tasty pork carved straight off the spit. Anyway, now that I’ve got your mouths watering at the thought of those top-quality hot pork rolls with all the trimmings, here comes the resolution – I want to beat that total in 2013! That’s a lot of pork for you to get through, but I’ve got faith that your limitless appetites for our rare-breed hogs and your passion for top quality catering will help us beat that record over the coming year. But we’ve got to get going fast! Time’s a-ticking, so pick up your phone and make a booking with hog roast Chirk as soon as possible. You know you’ll be disappointed if someone gets to your day before you, and the weekends and holidays especially book up fast so don’t delay if you want to guarantee that you and your guests will be eating the finest of roasted meats when it comes to your next party. We’ve got big plans for this year and we’re hoping to expand by taking on a few more staff and getting hold of another Spitting Pig roasting machine, so this year we’ll be doing even bigger events. This also means that we can take multiple bookings on popular days like over the Bank Holiday weekend, and serve up more delicious pork to more lucky people. We wouldn’t want anybody to miss out on the chance to taste the delicious and wares of hog roast hire Chirk.