Hog roast Briton Ferry we always come up with the goods!

Briton Ferry is a remarkable place, with some the oldest woodland in Wales up on the hill above the town and the vast expanse of the old dock site stretching out along the estuary down each side of the River Neath. It’s well known that some industries have been in decline in Briton Ferry over the past couple of decades. But one industry that’s thriving in the area is hog roast Briton Ferry catering! Spitting Pig Wales were down in Briton Ferry last week putting on a feast to remember for the retirement party of a local resident, and there were a fair few old friends on hand who’d been in the area all their lives and recalled the days of the docks, when Briton Ferry floating port was one of the wonders of the South Wales coast. The area was famous for ship-breaking, the job of stripping down all the parts off old boats that had reached the end of their useful lives, and I’m willing to bet they were good at it considering how quickly we had to strip the delicious tender pork of the top-quality hog we roasted to keep the baps coming and keep the old dockers happy! Hog roast Briton ferry really hit the spot. Spitting Pig CateringThey made short work of the buttery new potatoes we put on too, not to mention the tasty salads we’d prepared fresh on site earlier in the day. Some of these lads were getting on for seventy, but you could see still see the physiques necessary for a lifetime’s hard industrial labour keeping the supply chains into the industrial heart of Wales running smoothly. Fortunately our supply lines are pretty reliable too and they were running smoothly as ever that day and we managed to supply a beautiful rare breed hog perfectly prepared by our butchers for a nice slow roast on our Spitting Pig spit. Spitting Pig Wales always come up with the goods! If, that is, by ‘ the goods’ you mean ‘the most delectable hot roast pork sandwiches available, piled high with all the trimmings’, that’s what I mean by the goods, anyway! Spitting Pig Wales definitely did the job in Briton Ferry, and we didn’t leave until we’d fed a hearty dinner to everyone at the party, many of whom came back for several servings – can’t blame them. If you want to be as satisfied as our friendly Briton Ferry retirees, give Spitting Pig Wales a ring today.

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