A Please For Us To Cater At The Ministry Of Defence Unit In St Athan

It’s not every day that Hog Roast Barry gets to cater at MOD St Athan but just recently we did just that and it was a real pleasure. We were asked to cater at Universities of Wales Air Squadron, which is based at the Ministry of Defence unit in St Athan. Universities of Wales Air Squadron (also known as UWAS) is an RAF Volunteer Reserve unit for students from several Welsh universities, including Cardiff, Cardiff Met, Newport, Glamorgan, Swansea, University of Wales Trinity St David, Aberystwyth and Lampeter. There are currently 60 students and 8 staff members and for this event, we would be serving 100 guests with lots of our tasty, fresh food.

Universities of Wales Air Squadron asked Hog Roast Barry to cook up a storm with our Menu 3 of a slow-roasted hog complete with crispy crackling, and our homemade duo of sage and onion stuffing and tangy apple sauce, as well as three salad dishes, warm herby new potatoes and a selection of fresh bread rolls. With the latter, it means everyone can enjoy pigs in buns if preferred, which is one of our most popular offerings. When we serve them, it’s by cramming hot, fresh pieces of pork and crackling into the sliced rolls, topping with the stuffing and apple sauce and then letting the guests add their own choice of condiments. We use fresh, local, quality ingredients and it shows in the taste.

For this event, we would also be serving an alternative option of veggie skewers, with lovely pieces of halloumi, mushrooms, tomatoes, red onion, courgette, and mixed peppers. They’re a great option for vegetarian guests and we can also make them suitable for vegans by omitting the halloumi. When it comes to providing food for any guests with dietary needs, as long as we have advance notice, we can ensure everyone is well-fed at your party or event.

Our Hog Roast Barry chef watched over the hog as it roasted away on-site and then finally it was cooked perfectly, just like the potatoes and skewers. By 8pm, it was still light outside and our Hog Roast Barry team began to serve the hungry guests.