Spending Christmas time with Hog Roast Aberystwyth!

We all know that this Christmas will be more memorable than ever, after months of lockdown, self-isolation and social distancing. After these unprecedented times, it is going to be special to make memories with family close by, ending the year in the best way we can! And what can make an event more enjoyable than a meal from Hog Roast Aberystwyth? We are happy to help with any event you may be planning on throwing, be it a work meal, a family party, or anything in between!

Hog Roast AberystwythOver the lockdown period, our team at Hog Roast Aberystwyth were busy ensuring the return to work would be safe and smooth. When setting up, we confirm that everything is sanitary, as well as requiring hand sanitisation before handling food, as well as before eating. Our team also stay over 1 meter away from guests, to allow enough space for social distancing measures to be followed.

While there’s always the option to hire out our equipment for home use, Christmas is the time to relax and unwind- and what could be more relaxing than a freshly cooked hog roast from Hog Roast Aberystwyth? We can cater for a group of any size- and no group is too big or too small for our team. Our menu selections couldn’t be more appetizing, with something to suit everyone.  While Christmas is traditionally meant for turkey, our pork roasts irresistibly juicy and delicious, especially when partnered with succulent stuffing. And don’t forget about the trimmings! Roasted vegetables, mouth-watering gravy and more…

The portions we offer are more than generous, but we always bring enough for leftovers, because the only thing better than a roast is a leftover pork and stuffing sandwich the next day!

Our diary is open all the way until 2022, so if this Christmas you are keeping things quiet, then there’s always next year to celebrate the way Christmas is meant to be celebrated- surrounded by family, friends and good food.