Take Up A Hog Roast Pembroke Event For Yourself

You may already know Hog Roast Pembroke as renowned party and event caterers, where our professional team of chefs and assistants always work hard to wow our customers and their guests from start to finish. We’re proud to create tasty dishes from high-quality, fresh ingredients, local where possible, including the meat that we prepare, cook and serve ourselves from scratch. Nevertheless, we are also much more than caterers, as we designed and make our own range of high-quality, stainless steel hog roasting machines, which we use ourselves when cooking, but we also sell them and hire them out so that both pro and amateur chefs can DIY.

Hog Roast PembrokeIf you’re thinking of roasting a hog or spit-roasting a different animal or bird, such as lamb, beef, chicken or turkey, or something more exotic even, Hog Roast Pembroke will deliver one of our trusty machines to the venue that you choose and one of our expert chefs will show you exactly how to use our equipment so that you can create your own culinary masterpiece. Our machines are actually very easy to use, so once you’ve prepared the meat, set the temperature and turned it on, you can sit back and watch over it sizzling away.

Our chef will also pick the machine up from you when you’re done, so there’s no need for you to have to go out of your way, as both delivery and collection are already included in our all-inclusive price. If required, we can even supply the meat that you cook, from one of our trusted suppliers that we’ve used for many years, though this is just an added bonus available in case you need it.

Our long-term customer Daniel usually uses Hog Roast Pembroke for our top-notch catering services, but over the weekend he decided he wanted to try his hand at the art of hog roasting for a family meal. Our chef dropped off the machine at his home on Saturday and talked him through the simple process, and when we collected it the following day, Daniel said he had a blast and that everyone had absolutely loved his food.