Deck The Halls With Balls Of Stuffing With Hog Roast Aberdare’s Festive Catering

It’s just about Christmas time which means there are now plenty of excuses to already be thinking about that delicious Christmas dinner awaiting you on the 25th. Of course, with Hog Roast Aberdare’s festive catering you might not even have to wait until the 25th to get your hands on all your Christmas faves. It’s one of the best meals of the year, especially if you are roast lover like we are at Hog Roast Aberdare, so why only enjoy it once on one particular day when you could be having numerous times throughout the latter end of November and all of December!

Hog Roast Aberdare provides specialist roast dining to events all year round, so when it comes to Christmas you know that we already have something extra special in store for your Christmas festivities. We can supply your Christmas events with all of your favourite festive foods made in our own Hog Roast TOWN style. Enjoy the best pork roast in the business along with our own special slow roasted turkey for that perfect Christmas combination. And when it comes to all your favourite sides, we have those too!

Hog Roast AberdareOur namesake hog roast is a dish that already is often served on a bed of homemade stuffing for events, so here at Christmas we have as much as you could ever need for your festive feast. Or how about pigs in blankets from the pig caterer? It’s a part of our name, after all, so you know that our pigs in blankets are going to be something special. We never forget what makes the bedrock of a Christmas dinner either. The roast potatoes and veg are vital to the Christmas dinner, especially for those of us that like to lavishly splash on the gravy. Hog Roast Aberdare perfectly roasts your seasonal veg and gets your potatoes perfectly golden, crisp, and fluffy, to soak up all that delicious gravy goodness.

With out festive catering you don’t have to wait for Christmas day to enjoy your festive feast. We’ll be sledding out to events all season, so be sure to grab yours with your local Hog Roast Aberdare team now while you still can!